Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shep and Staff Week in Saint Simons June 2013

Golf Camp with Brannon at Sea Island

 There was another camper name Shep.
 Shep was so happy he won Nike golf balls and glove at golf camp.

They loved playing Cornhole at Brogens with Pops and George.

 Movie time with Pops

Putt-Putt...Pops teaching Stafford some putting tips. Shep and DD made a hole-in-one!

Stafford loves these Wedgits! He made a frog! Shep loves the blocks too! You can build so many different things. It great for their imagination.

 Stafford loves to be ninja.

 Shep loves Fraggy.

 Boys loves their indians.

 Boys love playing on the beach.

 They love the candy store and ice cream shop at the beach club.

 We love Fuse especially on a rainy day.

 Fun times at Meme and Pops Beach!

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