Friday, July 13, 2012

Shep and Stafford 4th Of July 2012

The Boys new favorite activity at St Simons is to ride horses at the horse stables. They learn so much and have fun.  

Stafford gets to brush the mane.

 Stafford loves riding the horse.

 Shep loves it too.

 Shep brushing the horse.

 Shep feeding the horse.

 The boys get to brush the horse together. So fun!!

 They love eating at Fuse Yogurt place thanks to the xbox Kinnect game.

 Riding the waves is soooo much fun!!

 Great family picture.

 Shep could stay in the ocean all day.

 Look I am all sandy.

 Shep boogey boarding with daddy.

 cute picture!!

 They buried Shep in the sand!

 Wish I had a boat.

 So cute! Shep and Stafford having fun.

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