Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shep's Week With MeMe

Each child gets a week with MeMe.  This was Shep's week with MeMe. He putted and went on driving range with Pops. He had fun swimming everyday at the Beach Club.  His new favorite place was Fuse because of XBox Kinnect game. Then He loved doing yard work with George. Fun times at MeMe and Pop's Beach. 


                                    Shep loves playing golf with Pops.

Shep and Pops at Cafe Frederica.

                                                        Love the fountain.

                                            Shep and Graves having fun at Dinner and Dive-In Movie.

                                                    Boys will be boys.  Shep loves Uncle George.

                                                   Shep painting gift for dad for Father's Day.

                                            I want a xbox Kinnect game at my house.

                                                       Hungry boy.

                                            George is teaching Shep how to do yard work.

                                                   Planting is so much fun because I get dirty.

                                                   I am so dirty and love it.

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